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Values of the Group

Honesty Responsibility Loyalty
Humbleness Pursuit of Excellence Team Work
Passion for Excellence


We are workers of honest and correct behavior in the handling of the economic and material resources of the company. We maintain the principles of trustworthiness, confidentiality and truthfulness regarding information. We only accept legal and transparent business.


We have a commitment to fulfill the functions we have been assigned. We are a complete and specialized team, oriented to give the best of ourselves. To be responsible in our work will strengthen the success of our organization.


We maintain an unconditional attitude toward our customers, company and fellow workers. We strive at all times to align our personal values with those of the company.


We have seen many facets throughout 15 years. It has been a giant step to start with one aircraft and now count with 17. This does not mean “the bigger the growth, the smaller the service…”. Our goal is to continue to be the same familiar company, without diminishing our high standards of quality.

Pursuit of Excellence

The essence of our company is service. It is not only to satisfy the customer with his needs for transportation, but to exceed his expectations, discover his wishes and provide additional benefits to him in using our services.

Team Work

We promote team work, in order to orient all individual efforts and motivation toward the success of organizational objectives.

Passion for Excellence

We want to be the Venezuelan airline that offers the most number of flights, availability of schedules and customer satisfaction. In order to do this, we must reinvent ourselves, improve each day and adopt new technologies that will allow us to provide a state-of-the-art quality service.

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