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Damaged Luggage

We are aware of our duty to guaranty that our passenger's luggage arrives on time and in perfect conditions.

In case of your luggage being damaged during its transportation, you'll need to do the following:

1. Go immediately to the Aserca Airlines counter at the corresponding airport, or talk to one of our traffic agents.

2. Fill out the form "Luggage Irregularities Form", with all you data, phone number, address, email, a description of your luggage and the damage it suffered.

3. Aserca Airlines will compensate the passenger for the damaged luggage, by paying the weight of the luggage (empty), according to the 17DEG, in accordance to the Civil Aeronautical Law, article 16

Important: If your luggage has suffered any type of damage, it needs to be personally notified within 10 continuous days, starting to count from the day of the incident. If this complaint is not made in the established period of time, Aserca Airlines will not be liable regarding this issue

"In case of the luggage not arriving at its destination, the passenger most formalize a complaint immediately upon noticing it and no more than (10) days after the arrival date". (Article 23, paragraph 2a of the Partial Regulation about General Conditions of air transportation with respect to luggage of the INAC).

To keep track of your complaint, call Quality Services Management at (0212) 9055201 / 5219 / 5280 or email us at: calidaddeservicio@asercaairlines.com.

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